The Signature standard for personal, professional linen care

When it comes to linen service, there’s no “one size fits all.”

Signature’s promise to every customer is to deliver the range and types of service to suit the individual needs of your business. Your personalized service includes:

Appropriate processing: We are equipped to match the cleaning materials and processes we use to the particular linen fabrics and items in your inventory. Correct processing ensures effective cleaning plus maximum life for your linen-wear.

Diligent sorting: The items you supply to us for processing are counted and sorted on receipt, and are never mixed with material from other clients. We keep an accurate record of your inventory and manage it individually from pickup to delivery.

Detailed inspection:  Our expert staff inspects the condition of your linens on arrival for any signs of visible wear, staining, soiling or damage. Any items requiring special attention are processed accordingly.  Each item is inspected again as it’s prepared for delivery, ensuring that your order is returned to you in ready condition for your staff and customers.

Flexible schedules: Signature will work with you to create a service plan designed to keep your linens stocked as needed to match your inventory and required turnover times. Our scheduling will be tailored to keep pace with your high and low seasons, special events and surges in demand.

And, of course, we’re always prepared to do what it takes to help you through those unexpected needs for urgent service.

Knowledgeable advice: Put our experience to work to make the most of your linens investment. Based on our many years in linens processing, we can offer sound advice on the most cost-efficient way to plan your inventory, select the right fabrics and finishes, and to balance purchasing against linen rentals.

The first step is simple. Talk to us. Let us learn what we need to know about your business, and then we’ll be able to recommend a plan that works best for you.